Changing Your MAC Address With Intel Drivers in Windows

In addition, there are more and more Wi-Fi Wireless connections available these days, and Wireless network security and privacy is all about MAC Addresses Wireless Access Points.

Change Mac Address

Disclaimer: Authorization to perform these tests must be obtained from the system owner s. If Stand-by systems should be put online, NO arp table refresh is necessary, which eliminates extra downtime.


Build High-Availability solutions. For example, some firewalls that run on multi-port NIC's i.

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Troubleshoot Network problems. Arp Tables, Routering, Switching, However, you are responsible to comply with the software vendor's licensing agreement. You need to check with your ISP and make sure you are not violating any service agreements. After the driver confirms that there's a valid MAC address specified in the registry key, the driver then programs the MAC address to its hardware registers to override the burn-in MAC address. If you do that, you will create a lot of problems.

Getting Started.

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It will be less risk and it will make your life a lot easier. Make sure you read through the steps first. If my explanation does not make sense to you, please use SMAC. SMAC is developed based on this research article, and it has many functionalities. Method If the changes are not materialized, then use the second method.

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If successful, reboot your systems. This method requires some knowledge on the Windows Registry. Also, make sure you have a good backup of your registry. Record the Description for the NIC you want to change. See figure 2. To do this.

Keep this file in a safe place. Double click on it to expand the tree. The subkeys are 4-digit numbers, which represent particular network adapters. These are sorted into categories. Expand the Network Adapters section to see all of your installed network adapters. Right-click on your adapter.

Click the Advanced tab. Enter your new MAC address. MAC addresses are digit values, and should be entered without any dashes or colons. Reboot your computer to enable the changes. You can also disable and re-enable your adapter within Windows for the change to become effective without rebooting. Check that the changes took effect. It should be your new MAC address.

Open the Registry Editor.

How to Change MAC Address in windows 7/8 or 10 ред EraIT

This will open the Registry Editor, which will allow you to change the settings for your network card. Navigate to the registry key. Expand it by clicking the arrow. Find your adapter. Open each of these and compare the DriverDesc field to the Description you noted in the first step. Right-click on the folder that matches your device. Double-click the new NetworkAddress entry.

Ensure that the MAC address is formatted properly. But downgrade may cause incorrect work of device. Select your wireless network connection from Connection drop-down list. Click Change MAC address command on the left panel.

Free MAC Address Changer Tools for Windows 10/8/7

Click Continue on warning message window. Change MAC address dialog appears. Using this dialog you may generate a random MAC address or type your own value.