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By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon. Position the cursor in your document where you want to place the symbol, formula, or equation. Click a category from the Structures group on the Equation Tools tab. Categories include Fractions, Scripts, Radical, and many more. All categories have a submenu that reveals galleries with several options.

How To Insert Fraction into Word Document on MAC

Hover your cursor over each option in the gallery, and descriptions appear as a ScreenTip. Word for Mac includes equations that you can drop into your document—no formatting required. Insert a built-in equation In your document, click where you want to insert an equation. On the Insert tab, click the arrow next to Equation , scroll through the options in the list, and then click the equation you want. To insert a symbol, click a symbol in the Symbols group.

Writing and Editing Equations in Office 2011 for Mac

You'll find several math-related symbols to choose from. Select Show group titles at the bottom of the dialog box. To see all the symbols, rest your mouse over one of the symbols, and then click the arrow that appears below the symbol gallery.


Scroll to see all of the available symbols. To insert a structure, click a structure in the Structures group, and then replace the placeholders—the small dotted-line boxes—with your own values. Select how the equation is displayed on the page by clicking an option in the Tools group.

The Professional option displays the equation as a two-dimensional value.

The Linear option displays the equation so it fits on one line. To edit a mathematical equation, click in the equation to make the changes you want. When you do, Word displays the Equation tab. You can insert and edit mathematical equations and expressions directly in Word and save them as templates for later reuse. You can, however, use Microsoft Word for Mac to open and edit mathematical equations or expressions that were created in earlier versions of Word or MathType.

How to Use Microsoft Excel. Learn Online.

You can also create equations or expressions that are compatible with earlier versions of Word by using Microsoft Equation Editor. For more information about how to use Microsoft Equation Editor, see Edit an equation that was made with a previous version of Word.

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To save time, you can insert a built-in equation and edit it to suit your needs instead of typing the equation character by character. On the Document Elements tab, under Math , click the arrow next to Equation , and then select the equation or expression that you want from the equation gallery. To edit a variable in an equation or expression, press the right or left arrow key until you highlight the variable that you want to edit. You can write an equation or expression by selecting any combination of individual mathematical symbols and built-in mathematical structures, as shown in this example:.

On the Document Elements tab, under Math , click Equation.

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On the Equation Tools tab, under Math Symbols , build the equation by selecting the appropriate math symbols, and by typing variables and numbers. To see more math symbols, rest the pointer on a math symbol, and then click. On the Equation Tools tab, under Structures , build the equation by selecting mathematical expressions from the available categories. For example, to insert a fraction, click Fraction , and then click the fraction style that you want. To do this without the mouse, place the cursor to the left or right of the equation, then while holding the Shift key, press the right or left arrow, as appropriate, to select the equation.

Then use one of these 2 shortcuts to edit it in MathType:.

MathType Tips: Insert and edit MathType equations in Word, using only the keyboard

You already know what "editing in a separate MathType window" is, since that's MathType's normal mode of operation. Here's what it looks like when "editing in-place" -- not available on the Mac:. Technical Notices. Works With Product Registration.

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